Built-in Constant Current IC LED Strip

With the development of LED Strip, clients have more and more requirements on low voltage led strip, such as high CRI95+, High efficiency 190lm/w, longer warranty years etc. Meanwhite, the technology of LED Strips are improving in a fast way. Recent years, constant current LED Strip is becoming popular as it can work in a longer running length. 

There're two main type of Constant Current LED Strip in the market, one is using two audions, another is using Constant Current IC chip. Audions is cheaper but current accuracy is not as good as Constant Current IC chip, but Constant Current IC chip is expensive that most clienst can not afford. 

Under this condition, Major Lighting launched Built-in Constant Current IC LED Strips with the following features:

1) With Constant Current IC built-in LED package, the strip has a extremely simpler appearance with ONLY SMD LED, no resistance, no audions, no other components. It is much more stable and reliable.

2) The Built-in Constant Current IC LED Strip can work under DC24-40V, this wide voltage input function can protect LED Strip from damaging by unstable power supply.

3) Max density could be 300Leds/m, zero light spot and perfect light source for Linear Lighting. 

4) Max running length could be 30meters with one end DC24V input, same brightness from beginning to the end. 

5) The built-in Constant Current IC can stably output 10mA, 15mA, 20mA, 25mA, 30mA, 35mA, 40mA, 45mA to meet different wattage requirements.